Equipping teachers to work with movement in the classroom for children’s Self-Awareness, Self-Mastery and Joy of Movement

Childhood and movement belong together. Yet in children today we increasingly observe the impact of a pressured, technological, risk-cushioned and nature-disconnected world.  These influences show themselves in inactivity, inflexibility and in a lack of self-awareness and self-control, both in the classroom and at play.

‘Movement for Education’ is designed to respond by helping Lower School teachers to develop skills for working with movement in the classroom. Movement that supports children to inhabit their bodies through healthy breathing and sound rhythm, with well-activated lower senses and with joy.  Participants will be introduced to movement disciplines inspired by an Anthroposophic understanding of the human being.  These are developmentally responsive and integrate all aspects of the child: body, soul and spirit.

‘Movement for Education’ is a three- seminar programme focusing on three different Lower School age groups over a 12-18-month period. Seminars may be taken individually, or over a number of years in any order; completion of all three comprises a certificated course.

Each seminar includes age appropriate learning:

  • Anthroposophic understandings of child development
  • Morning Circle Activities
  • Eurythmy
  • Bothmer Gymnastics/Spatial Dynamics (Cl 4-7)
  • Extra Lesson for the classroom (Cl 1-3)

The programme draws on an age appropriate movement curriculum for class teachers that includes:

  • Children’s Games (Cl 1-7) – Indoor and outdoor
  • Circus skills (Cl 6-7)
  • Dance – incl traditional Folk Dancing and kapa haka
  • Sensory motor integration work (Cl 1-3)
  • Maori games and skills – e.g. Taiaha, Ti Råkau, poi,
  • Main Lesson related activities e.g. Cl 5 Greece and Olympic disciplines

Course Format and Dates

Three seminars over 18 months.Seminars may be taken individually or in any order and over a number of years, and completion of all three comprises a certificated course.

Seminar One (Class 1 – 3 focus):4-6 August 2022

Seminar Two (Class 4 and 5): 2023 (Dates TBC)

Seminar Three (Class 5 – 8): 18-20 August 2022


$620 per seminar (A discount of 10% if more than one attendee from a school).

Principal tutors: Sue Simpson (eurythmy teacher and adult educator), Brendan Hamilton Gibbs (class teacher and previous gymnastics and games teacher at Taikura).

For group enrolment enquiries please email info@taruna.ac.nz

The Crystal Bridge loan fund makes interest free loans available to students enrolled in Signature Courses at Taruna.

Taruna will provide morning and afternoon tea and lunches while you are studying on site.  Please advise in advance of any dietary requirements.

Participants will need to purchase:

  • Personal stationery and writing materials;
  • Art materials to be used for practice at home;
  • A list of any further requirements will be provided in the Programme Handbook.

Student Support

Taruna strives to ensure that the programmes delivered are beneficial to each and every student.  Support is available to all students via the Course Coordinator whilst on-site and in between seminars to ensure that assignments are achievable.  Please contact the office on info@taruna.ac.nz if you need additional support whilst studying from home.

Crystal Bridge Loan Fund

Crystal Bridge was founded in 1991 as an initiative to help students at Taruna College with their
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The fund is open to all New Zealanders wishing to undertake study, locally or internationally,
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