Dear Friends of Biodynamic Farming and Gardening

How do we connect with the newly sharpened awareness and interest about the links between food, health and the environment? Now more than ever our Earth needs an influx of new energy, motivation, excitement and willingness to pick up and carry a healing process. Active biodynamic gardeners and farmers can make a significant contribution to that rejuvenation.

Rudolf Steiner offered two clear guidelines in using his approach to agriculture. Firstly: put it into practice including conducting testing that demonstrates real understanding. Secondly: broaden application as far and wide as we can over the entire Earth.

If this challenge is to be accepted by a new generation of farmers and gardeners then, education, monitoring, mentoring and methodology all become critical to the way forward. It suggests responsibility and obligation from anyone who has a background in biodynamics to get involved in some way or another.

The Biodynamic Winter Warmer and Hui held at Taruna in August 2021 was the beginning point in a journey of exploration about new learning pathways to equip emerging farmers and gardeners for the work ahead.  The conversation that was begun in that forum started a process of re-imagining, refreshing and reshaping how learning can best happen.  Already it is clear that a variety of learning pathways and modes of learning will take shape into the future. In this broad picture it is likely Taruna College will be one centre of learning.  Exploration and shaping of new programmes will include topics of general education, specialised application, apprenticeships, internships and preparation making.

Su Hoskin as Education Co-ordinator with the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association is the carrier of this inclusive development process.   Taruna College looks forward to supporting Su as next steps become clear.  Do be in touch with the Taruna Office if you would like to be a part of the process as future learner or tutor.