Crystal Bridge:

Crystal Bridge is a small Loan fund, which was set up in 1991, from donations made mainly by members of the Anthroposophical Society to help students fund course fees for courses at Taruna College in Hawkes Bay, for which students had insufficient funds.

If you are considering applying for one of our signature courses – the Art of Wellbeing, the Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education, or Holistic Health – then you may be eligible to apply to the Crystal Bridge loan fund to support you in covering the costs of the course.

– It is essentially a LOAN FUND, (but grants are sometimes possible where a group of people will benefit).
– Loans are usually made to cover the cost of Course (and not for living expenses or travel).
– Loans must be guaranteed. The Guarantor (who cannot be the borrower’s spouse or partner), must agree to continue to repay the loan should the borrower become unable to complete repayment.
– Loans are restricted to New Zealanders or New Zealand residents,
– Loans are Interest Free.
– Details of the use of the proposed loan are requested from the borrower, together with a short biography.
– Repayment, usually by monthly bank automatic payment, is tailored to the borrower, but would normally be repaid in 1 to 2 years, and begins the month after the loan is uplifted.
– A second loan cannot be made until the first loan is fully repaid.
– Any loan made outside the above guidelines would be entirely at the discretion of the Administrators.

If you are interested in applying for the loan fund, please enquire below.