Signature Courses

Taruna has a strong reputation as a quality adult education provider.  The College has developed four principle areas of adult learning expertise, each with its own faculty. Signature courses are offered by each of these faculties and these provide students contemporary and relevant learning programmes.  Certificates are awarded to students who complete all learning requirements.

Art of Well-being

The Art of Well-Being invites you to take three weeks from your coming year to find a new connection to your own well-being. This programme is gentle yet enquiring, focusing on three themes that renew our well-being.

Rudolf Steiner Education

Taruna offers professional development and training course for teachers, would-be teachers and others wanting to explore a new educational environment – one that honours and addresses what it means to be fully human.

Anthroposophic Nursing

Taruna College, with the endorsement of the Anthroposophic Nurses Association in NZ, offers the Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing (FCAN) which will prepare nurses to work with external treatments including working with the parts of the Rhythmical Einreibung (Rhythmical Body Oiling).

Movement for Education

Equipping teachers to work with movement in the classroom for children’s Self-awareness, Self-mastery and Joy of Movement.

Spirited Childhood

A workshop series for early childhood teachers and carers working with children from birth to three years.

Biodynamic Learning Pathways

The BD association is currently exploring and shaping new learning pathways, which are likely to include Taruna College as a center of learning.

Short Courses

Taruna offers a range of short courses that create opportunity for both personal and professional development.  These include courses in Art, Health Care, Personal Well-being, Biodynamic gardening, Relationships and Communication.  Our courses vary with the seasons as we seek to continually offer a fresh and dynamic range of learning topics. All courses are led by experienced adult educators who make the learning experience engaging and memorable.

Art for Beginners

Come and have a go, play with colour and explore your artistic inner self.

Art in the Garden

Enjoy our beautiful homestead garden and develop botanical drawing and painting skills by exploring a range of techniques.

Winter Warmers Craft Workshops

Crafts that foster creativity and connection. Come and learn from master craftspeople.

Supportive Therapies for End of Life Care

This workshop is for all nurses and care associates involved in palliative care.