Taruna College is the home of holistic adult education, offering both professional and personal development opportunities.

Taruna College is a unique place of adult learning. It stands on the work of two remarkable Hawke’s Bay women.  Life-long friends and partners, Ruth Nelson and Edna Burbury were dedicated to practical, yet inspired ways, of improving the future of New Zealand.  Their passion was education – education that serves the human being and in turn, wider society.  Early pioneers of Rudolf Steiner Education in New Zealand, their dream was for Taruna to be a place of inspiration for generations of educators to come.  Today it is not only a place of Steiner/Waldorf teacher development and training, it is a hub of adult learning for anyone who wants to learn in ways that:

connect, nourish and sustain

Their vision was that the Taruna house and gardens would provide a home for adult learning. And where the Maori meaning of ‘Taruna’ could be realised – that it could be a meeting place of friends.