Are you meeting the needs of all the children in your class: the easily distracted kinesthetic learners who won’t stay in their seats, or those who are disconnected and won’t get out of their seats? How might you build a cohesive, socially responsive and engaged class community?

The morning circle is one aspect of Steiner Waldorf Education that is readily transferrable to both homeschool and mainstream classroom settings. In this beginning-of-day activity, heart and hands are engaged in rhythmical and playful movement, through speech, music, dance, games and concentration exercises. Morning circle sets up the children for other learning through thinking that is focused, mobile and imaginative.

The Art of Morning Circle explores:

  • Why a circle? How this activity underpins and complements the Main Lesson
  • How to structure a circle for rhythm and healthy breathing
  • Holding the social space – techniques for behaviour management, planning for the challenges, meeting and working with differing temperaments Finding stillness, a place for ritual and reverence
  • Scaffolding learning, building the steps to self-confidence and mastery
  • Introducing and sharing developmentally appropriate activities:
    • Music/singing/introducing instruments
    • Speech exercises, poetry
    • Games and activities to support Main Lesson, literacy and numeracy, seasonal festivals.

Course Coordinator: Johnny Ryan, together with a range of experienced class teachers and specialists.

Cost: $590 incl. GST. Schools with Ministry of Education allocated PLD funding please contact the Taruna office to see how this can be used.

Time: 9.00am Thursday 5 September, through 1.00pm Saturday 7 September 2024.

Venue: Taruna College – 33 Te Mata Peak Road, Havelock North.

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum numbers are necessary for the course to go ahead. Please ensure any flights booked are fully refundable.

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