The Taruna homestead was built after the previous house was destroyed during the great 1931 earthquake. The ladies were fortunate to be out in the garden at the time. For many years Taruna was the venue for summer conferences of the Anthroposophical Society and a centre for study groups.  Ruth and Edna bequeathed their home, now the Taruna homestead, as a centre for anthroposophical adult education and learning founded on the work of Rudolf Steiner [1861–1925].

This special facility has since 1982 hosted full-time learning programmes including:

  • Waldorf education teachers courses
  • Biodynamic and organic agricultural courses
  • Kindergarten and Early Childhood courses
  • Artistic therapy courses
  • Anthroposophical nursing and health studies
  • Art of Well-being (formerly Art of Health) a foundational course in anthroposophical learning

As well, Taruna has been an important place for short course adult learning in all fields of applied anthroposophy and human development.