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The Taruna Hostel is near the entrance of Taruna. It has seven single rooms, as well as common rooms, kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. There is no resident manager or cook.

For hostel room availability and bookings, please contact the Taruna Office at or 06 877 7174.

Room allocation

Priority is given to overseas students who are attending Taruna’s full-time programmes, and then domestic full-time students.

Rooms are allocated once the student has been accepted on a programme through confirmation from the Office Administrator. Once offered, students must confirm their acceptance of their hostel room by paying a bond (refer to table for bond charges). Students must state their arrival date and time.

During the block seminars and short courses, rooms are allocated on the first-in-first-served basis.

Room rental rates

Nightly or Casual Rate:
$30 per night (bring your own linen) or $40 per night (linen provided)
Full Course in Advance:$30 per night (bring your own linen) or $35 per night (linen provided)
$180 per week (lined provided)

These rates are exclusive of food, towels and toiletries, but inclusive of electricity and telephone rental (not toll calls), 1 set of bed linen and 1 allocation of cleaning products.

Rent is to be paid by bank transfer to Taruna, or paid in cash to the office administrator. Any resident of the hostel intending to leave the hostel before the end of their course is required to give four weeks’ notice or 2 weeks’ rent in lieu. It is the occupant’s responsibility to make these payments.


Residents and short-stay students are provided with a key to their bedroom and the general living area. Lost keys will be replaced at a cost to the resident of $10.

In case of emergencies where keys are lost and students are locked out, please contact the office administrator.