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2017 Taruna Application Form

Apply by filling in and sending the application form and providing a copy of your resume, an autobiographical sketch, letter of reference, proof of citizenship (copy of birth certificate or passport), and passport photo.
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Acceptance may take up to 2 weeks at which point an Acceptance Pack is emailed and physically posted containing an Acceptance Letter, Programme Prospectus, Student Contract, Student Guide and Course Fee Invoice.  Fees must be paid two weeks prior to the course start date.


A welcome pack is sent 1 month prior to the start date and includes a Welcome Letter, Programme Handbook, Seminar Handbook (if applicable), Seminar Timetable, Dropbox link for Seminar Readings, Taruna Academic Guide & Glossary.


Taruna expects that students enrolled in any programme will complete the full programme. The annual budget is based on the actual enrolments. Costs are not reduced by the withdrawal of a student. All withdrawals must be notified in writing to the relevant Programme Director.

If an International student intends to withdraw from a programme, or their attendance falls below that which is required to successfully complete the programme, a meeting will be set up between the student and the relevant Programme Director.

This meeting will clarify whether:

  • the student has decided to withdraw, and/or will seek to redress any problems or issues that may be contributing to the student’s decision to withdraw.
  • The student’s attendance and completed work is sufficient for them to continue. Taruna will seek to enable the student to continue, but continued unsatisfactory poor attendance and/or work unsatisfactorily completed may lead to Taruna suspending the student’s place on the programme.


Any full-time student who withdraws before the eighth day of the programme is entitled to a refund of all fees paid, less a 10% Administration Fee, up to a maximum of $500.


Students may wish to take out insurance against loss of fees due to their withdrawal for unforeseen circumstances.

Students of Seminar-based Programmes

No refunds will be given after the start of the seminar, module or unit. When a student withdraws more than a week before the programme start date, a full refund of fees paid or payable will be made. Withdrawals within a week of the beginning of the first seminar of the programme will have 10% or $500 (whichever is less) administration charge deducted from the fees paid.

Cancelled Programmes

If Taruna cancels a programme prior to the scheduled start date, a full refund of any fees (Registration and Tuition) is paid. Students enrolled will be notified immediately upon the cancellation of a course or programme.

Taruna reserves the right to cancel or postpone any programme or course or any part thereof at any time, and shall not be liable for any claim other than for that proportion of the programme or course fee which the cancelled or postponed portion bears.

Special Circumstances

If a student believes there are special circumstances for which a refund is warranted beyond the above guidelines, this case must be presented to the Taruna Manager in writing within 14 days of withdrawal.  Any student, who believes that there are exceptional circumstances for fees paid in one year to be credited to another year, may put this case in writing, also within 14 days of withdrawal, for consideration by the Taruna College Council.