The Labyrinth of Life: Exploring the archetypal image of the labyrinth as a sacred path of self-discovery

The Labyrinth of Life: Exploring the archetypal image of the labyrinth as a sacred path of self-discovery2018-12-19T05:03:01+00:00

Labyrinths have long intrigued seekers and scholars as to their purpose and meaning.  They are often portrayed as representing the Hero’s Journey or the Pilgrim’s Path or the Passage of the Soul.  Perhaps they are all these things and more.

However, they all point to the idea of Labyrinths as blueprints for transformation, belonging to no-one, available to everyone. The earliest examples are thousands of years old; today there are many designs for many settings, from landscapes to virtual reality, from holy sites to body tattoos. We will contemplate ancient and traditional designs as well as modern examples.

In particular, we will create and explore the psychospiritual potential of the Cretan and Chartres labyrinths, through drawing, constructing and walking. Creating these labyrinths has also been shown to bring many health benefits such as improving concentration and reducing stress and anxiety.

We will also reflect on the following:

  • The origins and uses of labyrinths around the world
  • Their hidden meaning and symbolism
  • How they reflect the twists and turns of the journey of our biography
  • How can they be helpful in addressing our daily questions and dilemmas?

We may have many reasons for wanting to walk the labyrinth: to enjoy quietness, find inner strength, seek for clarity or new insight, or engage in celebration. Essentially it provides a walking meditation where one can ask a question, listen for guidance, walk a dream, explore after-images. There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth, each can find their own way.

In this workshop, we will also enjoy singing, painting and dancing in ways that support our theme and build our community.  Altogether it will be a space for fun, exploration and meditation.

“Lose yourself to find yourself”

Rudolf Steiner

“If you go deep into the heart what do you find?”

Kathleen Raine

Tutors: George Perry and Lizzie Baker

Cost: $450

About the Tutors

15-17th February 2019 – Friday 15th evening, all day Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th

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