Art of Well-Being

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Overview and Design

Come and renew your well-spring for life, refresh your soul and re-connect to what is important for you right now. The ‘Art of Well-Being’ gives opportunity to explore how to strengthen and nourish your sense of well-being. We draw on contemporary, holistic thinking that provides windows to help you view the world in fresh and meaningful ways. As well, we work with practical tools useful in helping others in your work and life who may need your support.

We open up the world of Art, recognising it as the language of the soul as we progressively work with colour, form, line, movement and language to deepen our ways of connecting and expressing our rich world within. As well, we discover the power and potential in our own life stories – reading the rich tapestries that each of our lives have woven.

The ‘Art of Well-Being’ is a part-time programme of three 5-day seminars which spans the calendar year.

The ‘Art of Well-Being’ is designed for:

  • busy professionals who want to re-connect with their own inner source of well-ness and creativity, as a basis for professional renewal and nourishment
  • professional care-givers in any health field needing fresh tools and approaches to revitalise their work
  • busy parents who want to develop their ability to be centered and insightful in their parenting
  • those who recognise the dimension of spirit in their own life – in whatever shape that takes – and who seek to honour that aspect of themselves.

Earlybird price for all seminars: $2,700.

Dates and Fees

Seminar One: Wednesday 8 May – Monday 13 May

Seminar Two: Wed 14 August – Monday 19 August

Seminar Three: Wed 16 October – Monday 21 October.

Earlybird price for all seminars: $2,700.

Art of Well-Being Team

Lauren Hudson, Rosie Simpson, Sue Simpson and Deb Bednarek.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for this programme should:

  • possess a maturity gained through some years of adult life experience;
  • have the energy, health and enthusiasm to complete a part-time, yet intense year of study;
  • display a good standard of written and conversational English.

What students have to say about our Art of Well-Being course

“The week really resonated well, it was exactly what is needed for me right now.  Thank you for a wonderful week”.

“Really have had insight and observation into myself”.

“This course gave me an opportunity to explore my life so far, to understand what has shaped me, and to enable me to make informed choices that I will better understand going forward.  I came away with some wonderful self-reflection, lots of knowledge about life-cycles and the various life-stages and what I might expect next – much better investment than a week on a beach”.