Holistic Health

Holistic Health 2017-04-18T01:06:46+00:00

Taruna’s holistic health courses offer nurses and health professionals the anthroposophical approach to the human being in an evolving life journey in the widest context of reality. We provide the possibility to extend and enrich therapeutic understanding, support and intervention that emphasises integration and resilience. The approach is practical, conceptual, artistic and spiritual with a process-orientated approach to learning.

The Certificate and Diploma programmes which have been available since 2002 are currently under review. In the meantime, a new initiative teaching the gentle art of Rhythmical Body Oiling in a two-part process is currently underway this year.

If you are a nurse or health professional interested in courses in holistic health, please use the Inquire button on this page and we will include you in any notification of future study opportunities.