Dance of Life: Exploring Long-term Relationships

Dance of Life: Exploring Long-term Relationships2018-12-19T05:01:01+00:00

An opportunity to look at our long-term partner relationships as a path of development. No other life situation provides so much joy and happiness, struggle and challenge; and ultimately presents us with the need to work on ourselves as a couple. It is the journey that takes us from the outer search for a beloved Other to the meeting with our Self: the so-called ‘inner marriage’. The challenge is to be able to sometimes be close and together; and sometimes independent and solitary; with ‘the dance of life’ in the in-between. We will also consider the many kinds of relationships that make up our biographical journey and contribute to our sense of who we are: our child and parent experiences; our ‘inner child’; to life partner/spouse; to oneself (how to love myself); and to humanity generally. Couples are welcome but equally, come on your own.

Tutors are George Perry and Lizzie Baker

Cost: $450

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January 25 – 27, 2019 – Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

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