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Signature Courses

Taruna has a strong reputation as a quality adult education provider.  The College has developed four principle areas of adult learning expertise, each with its own faculty. Signature courses are offered by each of these faculties and these provide students contemporary and relevant learning programmes.  Certificates are awarded to students who complete all learning requirements.

Art of Well-Being

Meet yourself, know yourself, be yourself. A foundational year to explore well-being through art and biography.

Rudolf Steiner Education

Taruna offers professional development and training course for teachers, would-be teachers and others wanting to explore a new educational environment – one that honours and addresses what it means to be fully human.

Holistic Health

Taruna’s holistic health courses work out of an anthroposophic approach to the human being extending and enriching therapeutic understandings.


Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition based on the living connection between earth and cosmos.

Short Courses

Taruna partners are independent adult educators who work out of the Taruna approach to adult learning and the understandings of anthroposophy.  Their work is endorsed by Taruna.

Rekindling the Flame

Earth First

Kick start your spring and learn about the earth, nature and the stars above.

Vege and Fruit-tree Care.

Hands on learning about how you can help your fruit and vegetables grow to their best.  September 22nd with Clare Buckner and Gui Vilhena.

Supportive Therapies for End of Life Care

This workshop is for all nurses and care associates involved in palliative care.

Finding Healing

This is an introduction to the anthroposophic perspective on what it is to be human, and how we can optimize our capability and effectiveness in the nursing and therapeutic fields.

We will share concepts, engage in plant study and artistic activity, learn some new external treatments, and experience how integrative and immensely practical this work is.