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Anthroposophical Society in NZ

The Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand is a National Group of the world-wide General Anthroposophical Society, founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1923 as “an association of people who would foster the life of the soul, both in the individual and in human society, on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world.”

Rudolf Steiner’s writings, lectures, and artistic and practical activities offer a wealth of insights into the spiritual dimensions of our world. Since his death in 1925, many people have sought to continue his research through study, reflection and meditation, and to apply it in many areas of human endeavor. Here in New Zealand, more and more people are leading their daily lives inspired by Anthroposophy, and their work contributes to healthy soul/spiritual development in many spheres of life. Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Schools and Kindergartens for children, Tertiary Degrees and other areas of Adult Education are examples of anthroposophical endeavour, as well as Curative Education and Care for those with intellectual disabilities. Biodynamic Agriculture is practiced by both farmers and home gardeners throughout the country, and trained doctors and nurses administer Anthroposophical Medicine and therapies. Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and The Arts are also practised.

In fact, Anthroposophy has a practical application in all areas of modern life and this work is supported and researched within the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand, thus providing an anthroposophical path of spiritual striving for the individual. Anyone interested in joining the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand can initially speak to one of the Group Representatives in the Directory of Contacts then fill in a Membership Application.

Members may join together in Groups on any basis of locality or subject.

The Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand is supported by the Financial Contributions of individual members and from anthroposophical initiatives. The New Zealand Council of the Anthroposophical Society is responsible for the operation and management of the Society, the organisation of which can be found in its Bylaws. The Council arranges sponsorship of a variety of conferences in New Zealand and offer assistance with workshops, lecture tours, artistic events and public presentations.

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